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Are you a fan of Goodreads? Or The Reading Room? How about Shelfari? Librarything? Have you even heard of theses sites?

Do you really need any more reasons to procrastinate? I certainly don’t, but I find myself strangely drawn to theses sites.

The other day, chatting in the flight deck to a colleague who barely uses social media, I realised that readers and writers may well be ahead of the pack in using the internet to connect. We use blogs, booksites and forums to connect with readers, with other writers and to find new authors to add to our To Be Read Pile. And lets be honest they are a good way to raise awareness with a new release book 🙂

I also have a list of RSS feeds that deliver new blogs to my inbox as they’re published. They may take up time, but they are endlessly fascinating. Add in Face Book and twitter and a day can be pretty full without work, writing or family!

Do you have a favourite writing, reading or booksite site? Are there places on the internet you check on regularly? Blogs, news sites, reviewers?


5 thoughts on “Book sites

  1. Rach, I think Goodreads is pretty good but The Reading Room is a new Aussie forum so I’m happy to give it a go too. I’ve just done a 20 questions interview with them and I believe they are planning on many more Australian Authors as well as international ones.

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