12 thoughts on “Storm Front

  1. It made for an interesting evening, Brenda! We did sit on the end of the runway until I was happy we weren’t going to be hit by lightening on the way out. That’s not good for anyone’s heart-rate!!

    It’s only the start of the season so in a couple of months time I won’t even be bothering to photograph them 🙂

  2. I too have a very evolved hosing gene, Sandy. Love nothing more than spraying the garden with a light mist and seeing the sunbirds come for their bath. Something very soothing about water…

  3. Hi girls, how’s things?

    Our council are releasing 5% of the water from out dams in preparation for the coming summer of storms.

    I’ve been having a real party with the hose and satisfying my ‘hosing’ gene. 🙂

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