Join me for the QWC Year of the Novel 2012

I’m a bit of a sucker for writing courses and workshops. I love the feel good glow as I’m blinded by the multitude of light bulbs going off in my mind. I love the inspiration that floods through me – even when it leaves me incapable of putting words on the page for several weeks. I love the camaraderie of ‘being a writer’ – as opposed to a pilot – and love feeling empowered by that sense of belonging.

2012 is my turn to give some of that joy back. Starting on 9th January I’ll be facilitating QWC Year of the Novel. I figure by then we’ll have all worked out which New Year’s resolutions we’re going to keep so there’ll be no excuses!!

The Year of the Novel takes writers on a year-long journey exploring a course designed by Dr Kim Wilkins. I’ll be right beside you guiding, explaining and cheering you on with every achievement. You’ll make new friends  in the on-line writing community and maybe find a crit partner (if that works for you). You’ll learn new writing and editing techniques. You’ll polish the skills you’ve already acquired. It will be a year of hard work and great success.

If your resolution is to start and finish a  novel then this course is for you. Christmas 2012 you’ll be celebrating your success 🙂

So, are you with me?

Check out QWC and their Australian Writers Marketplace for registration details. QWC Online Learning


9 thoughts on “Join me for the QWC Year of the Novel 2012

  1. Cathy, new glasses are a necessary evil… I can’t believe how quickly my vision seems to be deteriorating…

    I think with all the stories you have stored up in your head you should just get cracking on writing some of them!!

  2. Hi Cathy it’s online but it’s not free unfortunately. The cost is $445 for the year which sounds like a good deal to me!! SF novel with flying??? Bradman sounds like suitable futuristic town 🙂

  3. I’m looking forward to it, Phillipa.

    Every time I deliver a writing course I invariably look at each topic from a different angle as I find new ways to explain them. Teaching is wonderful for my writing as well!

  4. Helene, si this A) free, and B) on the net. I have been thinking of an SF novel set in the “australis Star Empire” (think updated a Bertram Chandler. Even have a name for the Capital City picked out “Bradman”

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