Where do writers write?

At the Queensland Writers Centre in the Queensland State Library of course! After the shock of landing from Cairns to find the temperature was 17 degrees on Friday, with a wind chill factor taking it even lower, I have to give Brisbane credit for turning on a glorious spring day yesterday. As I walked over Continue reading

Flitting here and there again!

I’m gardening with best selling Aussie author, Fleur McDonald, today so come and share your successes or disasters! Find us at www.fleurmcdonald.com The good folk at Queensland Writers Centre have also asked me to visit their blog and talk about writing. I’ll be running a one day writing workshop in Cooktown on Saturday 11th August. Continue reading

Join me for the QWC Year of the Novel 2012

I’m a bit of a sucker for writing courses and workshops. I love the feel good glow as I’m blinded by the multitude of light bulbs going off in my mind. I love the inspiration that floods through me – even when it leaves me incapable of putting words on the page for several weeks. Continue reading