Time to leave home

When we were watching the Polocrosse on the weekend I was fascinated by the wallabies who formed their own spectator throng on the edge of the field. Usually they call the pitch home so I can understand them taking a keen interest in the game to ensure their grass wasn’t too stirred up.

This young mum caught my eye. Seems like it’s not just humans who have trouble making their adult kids leave home!!


10 thoughts on “Time to leave home

  1. Most likely, Bron!!

    Thanks, Suzanne, there were about fifty roos grazing in amongst the horse jumps and troughs and I managed to sneak closer than I have before. Most of the other young mum’s had fled, but this one was a little weighed down…

  2. LOL, Helene. Friends of ours (the parents) left home and ran away to Brisbane. Guess where the kids ended up? Seems you can run, but you can’t hide. 🙂

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