Fame at any cost? How far would you go?

Well roll me over and tickle my tummy! (It’s Zeus here, just in case you thought Helene was getting kinky in her middle age 😉 ) The things you find on the internet…

I’ve always prided myself on staying aloof from the paparazzi and that whole celebrity media thing. (Who wants to be caught in a compromising situation with the next door neighbour’s shitzu?)

But some dogs just love the lime-light. They love dressing up, getting out in their weird outfits and some clearly they have their humans well trained…

Check out this CBC News blog in America. I guarantee you’ll be smiling for the day 😀 (Or you’ll be ringing the RSPCA to lodge a complaint of animal cruelty…)

Photo courtesy of CBC News Blog


6 thoughts on “Fame at any cost? How far would you go?

  1. Oh my dear ladies, I’d be delighted to be your Rover Reporter 😉 I’ll find some stories just for you. (Hmmm, I have an idea already!)

    Totally understand how you typed the wrong address in above – they really need to provide us with paw-friendly keyboards! Takes a lot of effort to hit the right key… Maybe they should activate the voice thingy and we could bark our messages.

    (And can I suggest you should accept the generous offer to buy the world wide version on your web address? I’m sure people from overseas would love to come and stay!)

    Ciao for now, off to hunt down a story xxx

  2. What? You don’t like my reporting style, Bron? I must admit I’d rather lounge on my beanbag or swim in my paparazzi free pool than run around dressed up like an ageing rock star…

    But you have to admit some of them are pretty funny 😀

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