International women’s day

Are you celebrating International Women’s Day? As many of my readers are women I’m guessing many of you will be doing that.

What does it mean to you? A celebration of how vibrant a woman’s life can be in twenty-first century?  A day to take stock of the glass ceilings that still persist in the career choices of women? Or is it a day to remember women less fortunate than we are?

I’ve just finished flying for the day. My home base of Cairns is quite remarkable in aviation terms. Female pilots make up just 4% of the industry wide workforce. In Cairns 20% of the pilot group are women. I don’t think that it’s been a deliberate company decision, but I smile everytime I come to work and see yet another female pilot!

International Women’s day always makes me reflect on the wonderful women in my life many who’ve been friends (or relatives) for a lot of years now. They are without exception remarkable women who’ve achieved a great deal in what ever role they chose to pursue. We do have the luxury of choice in Australia so it’s also a day when I reflect on those women who don’t have those same opportunities.

So what ever it means to you, I hope you take time to celebrate.


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