What a hoot!

What’s the best way to scare the Indian mynas off the boat so Capt G is not continuously hosing the decks?

Get Oswald the Owl on the job 🙂

And since I knew you’d all want to know what the view looks like from this elevated position half way up the mast I joined Oswald just hanging around.

Worth the effort. What did you get up to today?


8 thoughts on “What a hoot!

  1. It’s kind of funny, Kerrie, seeing these feisty little birds sat above Oswald clearly discussing the interloper on their patch 🙂

    He has deterred some of them but not the complete result Capt G was hoping for!

  2. I was thinking the other ways of securing those bird spikes would be, if you didn’t want to mount them permanently to use long cable ties or if you didn’t want it to be noticeable white Velcro ties.
    At least its a good view up there Helene:)

  3. Helene if they are siting on top of your spreaders you could put some of these polycarbonate bird spikes on top of them. http://www.bird-spikes.com.au/polycarbonate-pest-x-bird-spikes/15-polycarbonate-plastic-bird-spikes.html .I don’t know what the base of them is like but they could probably be stuck on with a bit of double sided tape every six inches or so

  4. Oswald looks great! And what a great name. 🙂 He’s certainly selected a prime position for viewing. Obviously an owl with taste and sense.

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