Reflecting on Melbourne

Being moored in the middle of a bustling city is fascinating, noisy, invigorating and at times overwhelming. I’m loving exploring the laneways and buildings of Melbourne, but the contrast from remote Bathurst Harbour to Yarra’s Edge couldn’t be more pronounced.

Cities always surprise me with their manmade beauty. Throw in a slice of natural beauty, like a sunrise or sunset over glassy water, and the results are stunning.







4 thoughts on “Reflecting on Melbourne

  1. Beautiful reflections of Melbourne. I presume taken from your moorings. You are so lucky to be able to get a different perspective & choose your time to shoot. Great city! Lived there for 24 years till I took my hike to Ireland, but Perth still my home city. I can just st imagine what you are enjoying each day. Happy onward journey & filling those pages!

    • They were taken from the boardwalk at the marina, Sue and yes, we’re very lucky to have this view! You’ve lived in some wonderful cities!

  2. Sarah, train stations and airports fascinate me! I’m always imaging where those people are heading and what the day has in store for them. We’re yet to venture into the suburbs but I’m sure I’ll find much to photograph there too!

  3. Helene the photos are stunning. I have not seen Melbourne like that. When I visit I like to stand at the station and watch people rushing every which way. There are some lovely old buildings in the city and cute little cottage gardens in the suburbs.
    Sarah Braund

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