When the land is in your bones…

Whilst RETURN TO ROSEGLEN isn’t strictly a romance, Ivy and her girls have known love and lost love. And, as we all know, love comes in many forms. Set amongst the dust and heat of north western Queensland love for the country is an important part of the story. The landscape holds a different pull for each of them. For Felicity it’s bone deep, seared into her soul.

Australia Rural Romance  has an excerpt today from the story and I think it pretty much sums up how Felicity feels about the land she used to call home. Hop over and check it out 🙂




3 thoughts on “When the land is in your bones…

  1. Was a great read loved the way it portrays different types of love and how each personality deals with it. Also portrayed women’s roles in our daily lives behind the scenes of most relationships. They are the captains steering the plane to safety

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