A Day of Community and Conversations – Varuna

Toni, Liana and Rod Dark (responsible for the beautiful grounds)

Toni, Liana and Rod Dark (responsible for the beautiful grounds)

Five writers, five different stories, five different lives.

The morning’s conversation wove its way through so many themes. From David came the observation that African natives build in circles – both houses and villages. Western societies build in straight lines. Is that why the cultures clash so tragically?

From Toni, a beautiful story about a character of the Katherine region who is strong and wiry, despite what we might deem a disability, only to be failed by western medicine.

Liana’s story of a childhood track that becomes a four lane highway, the remaining stands of nature like islands amidst the buildings, sunk but not without trace. I smiled at the memories of my own childhood sparked into life by her writing.

Meg’s poems, odes to The Gap in Alice Springs, tiny snippets of everyday life and evocative of the dry country. So sparse in word, but so very vivid.

The Long Lines programme is all about encouraging and identifying unique Australian voices. I think Peter and Varuna have chosen some very talented writers!


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