Another day of wonderment

9117_1238118003206_1536955755_30646080_1993097_sSitting in the presence of such creativity is clearly working. The words flowed and flowed and flowed some more today. And surprisingly it was the “love scene,” which is usually a difficult part to write for me…

Don’t know whether I should admit that solitude is clearly inspirational for the sensuous side of life? Maybe it’s absence making the heart grow fonder? Or maybe it’s hormonal… Too cold to know whether I’ve been having any hot flushes…

Am now tucked up in front of a fire, with Toni and Liana reading, a glass of red in hand and life is good. Tonight the plan is to eat well (as usual – Sheila has just pulled up with her latest masterpiece) and then read some of each other’s work.

I’m always humbled by the creativity of the others who are sharing this week with me. Talent is a rare and precious gift.


2 thoughts on “Another day of wonderment

  1. Thanks Albertina, we wrote our way through high school together and I still think some of those creative writing folders we handed in were pretty darned special!!

  2. Hi there, glad to here the creative juices are flowing and you are enjoying your time..though you are always productive! knowing you are achieving your goals makes my heart soar and swell with pride for my dear friend, x

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