Eleanor’s Life

The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters

Started reading Eleanor Dark’s biography, “A Writer’s Life”, at 2 am when the roar of the wind woke me. I felt I owed it to the woman, whose studio I’m writing in, to understand something of what her life had been. For a woman in the 21st Century it’s easy to forget how women born in the early 1900s lived.

Eleanor lived through two world wars and all the changes that they brought to Australia. She wrote about the Australian landscape in all it’s beauty and savagery and her work became compulsory reading for generations of young Australians.

I don’t know if her works are still on reading lists in school, but they should be. She defines so many of the reasons why Australia has become the country it is today. She doesn’t necessarily pass judgement or comment, just draws imagery so vivid you can see it in your mind.

Perhaps to understand our future and find a way forward we need to look back at what has gone before.


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  1. Another day of wonderment it is. The sun is shining and the clouds are a little more peaceful today, not in such a hurry it seems. The sky is blue, blue, blue!

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