Last day at Varuna :-(

Toni, Liana,Meg,David and Helene

Toni, Liana,Meg,David and Helene

The last day.

Tomorrow the alarm will wake me at 05.15 and I’ll start the long trek home to the north. For the first few hours I’ll have company. David is catching a flight home as well. He’s headed for Harare and Africa. His journey will only be half complete when I’m home, hand in hand with my husband, and sipping white wine by my pool…

The hardest thing today will be writing in the Guest Book. How do you say thank you for an experience that is so hard to define? The writing has been productive, the company fantastic, the conversations wide ranging and the presence of Peter Bishop inspirational. The house has its own impact; its history, its welcome, its possibilities. The garden outside my window is so different to home – an English beauty with the bones of the Australian bush to give her shape.

Thank you, Varuna – the house, the Darks, the staff (particularly Peter and Sheila) and my “Different Voices” buddies.  It has been an illuminating week and that light will travel with me as I head north again.

Varuna - The Writer's House


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