Varuna – LongLines programme

Eleanor Dark's Studio

Eleanor Dark's Studio

Wow, I’m here. After the weekend from hell, Varuna is a slice of paradise. Highlights of my weekend included forgetting to take my reading glasses to work and then discovering my boss had turned up to do a routine check of my performance and I could barely read the simulator screens, let alone my notes… Having to shell out a lot of money to get my husband back to Cairns in time for work… Realising that I never manage to pack enough cold weather clothes when I head south from Cairns… And it rained and rained, then rained some more…

But now my luck has changed. I’m fortunate to be participating in Varuna’s LongLines Programme  which aims to help develop writers from regional Australia. Five of us will spend the week under the mentorship of Peter Bishop discussing our work, ideas and themes. It will be wonderful!

So here I am in Katoomba. My bedroom at Varuna is the Maid’s room, a charming small bedroom with a single bed tucked away at the back of the kitchen.

My writing space is Eleanor Dark’s original studio. A marvelous one room cottage next to the main house, it has an aura and presence all of it’s own. I am so privileged to be able to work here for the week. Sitting at Eleanor’s desk, looking out the big bay window watching her grandson tidy the gardens is inspirational. Tangible history is a powerful force for me. (Not to mention watching someone else doing manual labour is kinda soothing as well…)

So back to ‘Line in the Sand’ and hopefully Eleanor’s presence will inspire me.


3 thoughts on “Varuna – LongLines programme

  1. Hi Helene,

    Glad you are having a wonderful time. Look forward to hearing all about it when you are back in Cairns.

    Tanya and Marg xxoo

  2. Hi Zeus, I bet dad was just thrilled to find your pressie on his pillow! (Glad it was his pillow not mine…) Hope you didn’t scare the curlew chicks too much – remember what I said about being friends with the neighbours!!! Having a wonderful time (but a tad chilly) with some fascinating people. Miss you heaps,

  3. Your there and I’m here – hardly saw dad today so made his bed nice and comfy for him? even left my best bone (matured to perfection) from 5 days ago on his pillow. Off to scare some curlews that should wake most of the street see you soon mum.

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