You can survive a ditching in a commuter jet.

Dominic James did a sterling job today ditching his Westwind jet off Norfolk Island.

The ABC story at makes interesting reading – though I’m amused at the file photo they managed to find. That he happens to be  one of Cleo magazine’s top 50 eligible bachelors is academic – unless you’re a single babe on a manhunt….

It’s his ability to work his way through an emergency and come up with a good outcome which is important. Sometimes weather conditions change so rapidly that pilots can be caught out. Good training goes a long way to mitigating these events.


4 thoughts on “You can survive a ditching in a commuter jet.

  1. Hi Sandy, not so early – I had my right hand seat proficiency check-flight today so I was up making sure I could remember everything I needed to know for the simulator ride.

    The day went well and as always in the sim I learnt a lot! Time for a glass of chilled wine now…

  2. Hey Helene,
    Looks like you must have had a disgusting o’clock start in the SIM this morning. I have to admit that I thought the photo and the article clashed, which is a big shame because what the pilot managed especially with a swell was pretty amazing.

  3. Oh Fleur, what a classic! I wonder if Pete is comfortable in an aircraft now?

    Your dad obviously loves flying and from our perspective it’s hard to understand people being nervous or reluctant to fly. I know many people aren’t comfortable being locked in a metal tube – I think it’s that feeling of not being in control – and so many then have an extra drink to calm their nerves which doesn’t alway help…

  4. Hi Helene, Dad tells the story that when one of his young employees, was training for his pilots licence (we ran a fuel company that was often in the middle of the NT or WA, without any mechanical assistance for the truckies, so Dad decided that he would get his mechanics to train as pilots, so they could fly up there and help the guys out.) Pete got into the simulator and about five minutes in, crashed into the sea. he never got back into a plane again. you are right, training goes a long way and even the most experienced pilots need it. Congratulations Dominic!

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