Hamster fetish? Give me a spa room any day…

I can understand people treating their pets like children (Zeus the wonder Staffie is definitely NOT a dog…) but treating myself like my pet maybe going just a tad too far for me – especially if that pet’s a hamster.

Check out this ABC story:


Apparently people are paying good money to be treated like a Hamster for the night – complete with running wheel!

If you’re a fluent French speaker then check out this site with more details


And thanks to my sister, Bronwyn for sending me entertaining snippets!


2 thoughts on “Hamster fetish? Give me a spa room any day…

  1. Deary, deary me. Is this what humans do now to escape the humdrum life? At least Lewis Carol just wrote about meeting giant rabbits and mad hatters he didn’t postulate that one should become one. I’m with you on this one Helene, if I’m going to escape the life for a while it will be in a spa room with room service.

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