We’d be all the poorer without our wonderful local ABC Radio stations. When I was on tour with Get Reading I chatted to ABC presenters in four states and they were all so welcoming and friendly. It’s always lovely to come home to my ABC – Far North ABC – with presenters who brighten my Continue reading

Hello? Is this working?

Well now isn’t this fun! Helene’s crook in bed with a dreaded summer cold (kept me awake half the night coughing and carrying on. You don’t see dogs behaving like that…sniff..) Anyway, the thing is she left her computer turned on and within easy reach. Seems typing isn’t as hard as I thought it would Continue reading

Wonder Woman gets a make-over

The ABC is reporting this morning that Wonder Woman’s had a make-over. She’s been getting around in the same weird blue pants and shape-shifting bustier for 69 years, so she does indeed deserves a little fashion moment of her own. Complete with dark leggings and a sexy leather jacket, she looks more like a vampire-slaying Continue reading

G that’s disappointing…

At the risk of sounding like Bettina Arndt I have to ask if the weather or other historical (or is that hysterical) factors are to blame for recent sexual behaviours in France and Britain. According to the British press the NHS, in a moment of post Christmas bonhomie, is exhorting the Brits to get into Continue reading

Hamster fetish? Give me a spa room any day…

I can understand people treating their pets like children (Zeus the wonder Staffie is definitely NOT a dog…) but treating myself like my pet maybe going just a tad too far for me – especially if that pet’s a hamster. Check out this ABC story: Apparently people are paying good money to be treated Continue reading

‘Plastiki’ – Message in a bottle?

Check out ‘Plastiki’ at – – It’s a catamaran built from recycled plastic drink bottles and set to sail from the USA to Sydney. I remember going to see the Kon-tiki when I was very young so when I saw the name Plastiki in an ABC article I had to read further.¬†Plastic Boats aren’t Continue reading