Storm clouds do have silver linings

Hard as it is for me to imagine, because in my world every cloud has always had a silver lining, sometimes life can smack you right between the eyes. If you see it coming, it may be possible to duck and minimised the pain. If you don’t, then best case, you only get egg on your face. Worst case you get two black eyes and a broken nose.

Today I got the latter. I only survived, bloody and battered, because in one of my jobs I’m privileged to work with a team of wonderful women. I kind of figured a publisher would look after the big picture and I’d be responsible for the rest of my mess. Today, Bernadette, Kate and Alexandra (Hachette Australia’s equivalent of Charlie’s Angels and Buffy the Vampire slayer rolled into one) dusted me off, put me back on my feet and reminded me that good people exist in this world. They also proved to be unflappable and incredibly understanding. They deserve Sainthoods, medals and a huge bonus!

I’d forgotten how supportive, how generous and just how easy working with great people can be. I’ll remember today for a very long time – it’s burned into my soul – for both good and bad reasons. Thankfully the good outweighed the ugly…

Despite it all, the day proved my theory – every cloud has a silver lining.

It’s just the colour of the context you view it through…


3 thoughts on “Storm clouds do have silver linings

  1. Oh,Helene, I’m sorry that things are not quite, right at the moment. And yes, I think the publishing industry nabbed all the wonderful people… in thelabour force, in agricultre, they are certainly few and far between!

  2. So sorry to hear you had such a bad day – but glad there were wonderful women around to pick you up! They’re a great team at Hachette.

    If you need an ear or a shoulder over the weekend, let me know.

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