Dig deep for the truth

Ok, I knew there were great wines in Margaret River – I’ve tasted a few… I’d heard about the awesome surf and now have to agree that it’s at least as good as Queensland’s Gold and Sunshine coast (maybe better?)

But nowhere had I read anything about the caves! And I’m talking about the limestone variety not the sort men retreat to when their footie team (of any code) loses!

Today we ventured beneath the rich soil into a wonderland that would have suited Gimli the Dwarf of Lord of the Rings fame. Magical! Maybe it’s the secret behind the fabulous wine?

Needle fine stalictites
Orange shawl, Jewel Cave


4 thoughts on “Dig deep for the truth

  1. You know Sandy, those stalictites are called ‘The Pipe Organ’ – they looked more like a xylophone to me! We didn’t get to the Lake Cave but it has a large body of water unlike Jewel Cave which has been dry for many years.

  2. Hi Helene,
    Good to hear you’re enjoying your holidays. We are heading up your way in a couple of weeks for two weeks of exploring.

    Love the photos of the caves, absolutely beautiful.

    Suzanne 🙂

  3. Ah Helene, aren’t well lit caves the most magical things? Especially if there’s a pond of absolutely, still, clear water who’s perfect reflection denies the eye its depth and presence. I can almost see someone in your second picture, delicate hammer poised to ring out an eerie, haunting tune on those stalagtites.

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