Fate or Destiny – Do we really choose?

DestinyThere are times when the Fates seems to step in and not just nudge you in the right direction, but push you headlong into whatever corner they determine you should be. Is that destiny? Is it fate? According to William Jennings Bryan “Destiny is not a matter of chance; it’s a matter of choice.” (The Albany Wind Farm has a series of quotes scattered around the walking trails and this one grabbed my imagination.)

Going to Albany was a choice, our choice, but then chance played her part. We ended up at The Terrace – a B&B on Middleton Beach – with two fabulous hosts. Dave (the talkative member of the duo) had more stories than most of us will ever have in our life time. Born and raised in Albany, his memories of growing up were evocative, entertaining and  just kept getting better. The lovely Anne’s breakfasts were as delicious as anything GW produces (and that is a huge compliment!). They sent us on a different journey each day. The only time we disregarded Dave’s advice (visiting the Blow Holes) we had to admit we’d made a mistake. He was right!

So I’ve decided that life is a bit of both. The Fates/Destiny can nudge you in the right direction, but you still need to have both eyes open and a willing heart. Maybe Mr Bryan is right – “Destiny is not a thing to be waited for, it’s a thing to be achieved.”

P.S (If you’re travelling to Albany, take our advice and stop off at The Terrace.)

Wind farm beach - US!Stairs to windfarm beach


4 thoughts on “Fate or Destiny – Do we really choose?

  1. Your Great Grandfather was a man with exquisite taste! Albany would have seemed like paradise. And yes, I smiled when I read your email today. I firmly believe people enter our lives for a reason!

  2. Funny Helene… as I visit your blog on a jaunt of procrastination (I am suppossed to be prepping for my TAFE group tomorrow) I had a little chuckle as I referred to fate in my email to you today!!

    My Great Grandfather (nver know what should be capitals there!!!) jumped ship from Germany in Albany, and changed his name… so the story goes. Your posts encourage me to visit some day…

    Keep on with the glorious journey… look forward to more!

    Amanda x

  3. The whaling station was very haunting, Phillipa. We saw it on a gorgeous sunny afternoon and reconciling the slaughter that took place there with the stunning beauty of the bay was difficult.

    And you’re right – good preparation means when destiny taps your shoulder you’ll be in a position to take up the challenge!

    The stairs in the picture above were all built by prisoners from the local goal and completed between May and October in 2001. I could only think that the encouraging quotes were intended to keep them motivated while the biting wind straight from Antarctica’s ice floes chilled them to their core and reminded them of their own choices….

  4. I found the whaling station at Albany to be incredibly sad. This was many years ago, but I saw it on a grey day and all I could think of was the suffering that must have occured there.

    Destiny is a little like luck in that it is preparation meeting opportunity. I think. Let me mull that one over a little longer!

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