Size doesn’t matter

Little Beach, east of Albany, punches well above its weight. As a devote beach goer, from a very youthful six months of age, I pride myself on being a connoisseur of sandy shores and surf breaks. I’ll even admit (reluctantly) to being biased and have always considered Queensland beaches to be the best in the world. The last few days have forced me to revise that. The western coast near Albany is magnificent. Wild cliffs, rolling surf and pristine beaches.

Yesterday, Little Beach proved the southern ocean could caress with a gentle (but freezing!!) touch. I’m hooked! Albany is now firmly on our sailing list (for that ‘one day when we grow up’ time of life).

Little Beach


8 thoughts on “Size doesn’t matter

  1. Hi Anne Marie, we didn’t make it round to the next beach so no skinny dipping for us!

    With your talent with a camera you must have amazing photos from your time in Albany. I don’t think I’ve taken so many shots each one a little different as the light changed!

  2. Hi Helene – I know Albany well as I lived there twice for 6 years each time! My 2 adult children still live and work there. 🙂 Beautiful Little Beach is very special to me… it was my mother’s favourite beach and she loved to go around the corner to the next beach so she could skinny dip!! I also love this beach along with many of the other beaches around Albany. 🙂

  3. We were looking at Rottnest, Sala, but still undecided.

    Ningaloo and the whale sharks sound fabulous as does Esperance, Broome, Exmouth… The list is endless. We’re back in the Margaret River for a week now of R & R and some writing for me. (Have already clocked up 2000 kms on the rental car!)

    Yum, more wine, cheese and surf 🙂

  4. I agree ref WA having absolutely stunning beaches Helene. Although I was born in Fiji, and lived throughout the Pacific (Nauru, what used to be called the Gilbert & Ellice Islands, etc) so saw some gorgeous beaches, I was amazed by the beauty of coastal WA. The colour and clarity of the water, the soft powdery sand (so soft and fine that it squeaks when you walk on it sometimes!)…..beautiful. 🙂

    If you haven’t done so already, a day (or overnighter) across at Rottnest is an absolute must-do. You’d swear you were on a Greek island, with the dry, rugged beauty and bay after bay of perfection. Hire a bike and take your time to explore the whole island at a leisurely pace. It was definitely one of the highlights of my trips to WA.

    Well, that and the brilliant wineries……. ;D

    Enjoy your holiday and keep up that great glass half full (literally!) attitude re the enforced change to your holiday plans. You may not be in France quaffing champagne but you’re in Utopia quaffing excellent sparkling whites which give the wee froggies a good run for their money! ;D

  5. I can understand why you could retire here – lovely people, beautiful beaches and great wine!! What else is there???

    Hey Garth, I should have thought to ask you for advice on our impromptu journey round Australia!

  6. I love Albany, i will retire there, i think, with all those gorgeous beaches. Esperance is amazing also. Glad your enjoying your travels Helene xx

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