Margaret River – so much more than a river…

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

Thanks to my friend, Simone, who pointed out that my photo of Margaret River was in fact incorrect as it showed a beach…

Typical… I’d loosely grouped the lovely beaches west of Margaret River into one area, but of course they all have different names!

We had a fabulous day exploring the Caves Scenic drive (and have perfected a smartly executed u-turn in our hyundai hire car) Here’s my photo take on the area (and I’m co-opting Cape Leeuwin into the general area as well!!

I’d read about the world wide cow trail, designed to link different cultures with each other through a common theme. Margaret River has udderly milked it for all it’s worth! No bull!! (Well maybe a couple…)

Cape Leeuwin's Cow - part of the world wide cow trail!

4 thoughts on “Margaret River – so much more than a river…

  1. Margaret River is a very beautiful spot, Phillipa. We’re heading off to Albany today but will hopefully come back for a few days again next week.

  2. Love Margaret River…and the giant Kauri forests further inland (they may be a long way apart but in my hazy memory they’re close)

  3. Fleur, we probably wont make it as far as Esperance unfortunately… If we did it would be early next week and I think you’ll be on your book tour!! Yay!! Enjoy.

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