Cow of a day

We watched the boys tow surfing on solid three meter waves off Prevelly Beach last night. I was very jealous that I’m no longer fit enough and, never was good enough, to be out the back surfing with them. The sunset was magnificent, but the rain clouds were rising in the east.

Chocolate is better than sexWe woke to the sound of tyres on wet roads and a chill in the air. Misty mizzle enveloped Margaret River. Breakfast was delicious in the local bakery watching a steady procession of local tradies heading in for their bacon and egg roll. (So much raw material for the classic, rugged Aussie male with great biceps and a good arse! Sigh…)

We hit the road with Neil for a day’s winery tour. GW is currently snoozing, as I type, after sampling wines, cheese, olive oil, chocolate and venison in a meandering, relaxing day. Neil (Margaret River with Neil McLeod) was fabulous. A third generation local, Neil had the laid back charm of the natural storyteller (and he had a few to tell!) along with a carefully paced itinerary that kept us moving through a feast of the senses without rushing us – even at the chocolate shop! (They had chocolate body scrub and moisturisers along with some very wise t-shirts…)

The cows were everywhere and I’m not talking Friesians, Guernsey or Jerseys! 85 highly decorated bovines are scattered around the region – it’s tempting to make it my mission to photograph everyone of them!!

DiscowChocolate Cow
Holy Cow


5 thoughts on “Cow of a day

  1. Jenn, thirty years ago when I was surfing at Currumbin Beach (albeit more body than board) I loved nothing more than a big storm swell. The waves here in WA are spectacular and no storm required!

    Sandy you’re right! No sulking accepted, although I’m very sad I didn’t get to see family in the UK and France – and particularly my sister Bron… The upside is exploring WA and spending so much time with GW!

    Not much writing but then that was never planned. Beyond the Borders is resting until I finish hols…

  2. Hey Helene, Glad you didn’t accept receipt of the ‘sulking about not going to Europe’ baggage and have instead thrown yourselves into a good holiday. Sounds like the scenery is inspiring – at the bakery especially. I have to admit I’m on the fence about the T-shirt, instead of substituting, I’m all for combining. Say hi to G and keep the fun gene stimulated.

  3. Oh I was wondering about your trip. But you’ve chosen well. WA is so amazing (but windy, as I recall). Nice blog. As for the surfing, you can’t be good at everything. We want you to stick to the books LOL

  4. Rachael, we’re in WA instead of the UK and France courtesy of that errant volcano… At least we are in a gorgeous part of Australia and loving every minute.

    Heading south towards Albany and see how far we get. The chocolate factory was very yummy!!

  5. WOW – you’re in WA?! Love that Sex and chocolate quote. I’ve got the hat from there that says ‘I’d give up chocolate, but I’m not QUITTER!’ Enjoy the rest of your trip 🙂

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