4 thoughts on “Poultry poem… :-)

  1. Here’s something I probably shouldn’t admit online, but in the interest of bringing a smile to your face I will. This happened just after we moved to Canberra and I was walking KC and Snoop’ around the lake. Well, there I was wandering along in a ‘setting writing scenes in my head’ daze when I suddenly noticed two AWDs just ahead of me up a slight slope of land and between them and the water was KC, the original bird dog – not that she hurts them, just loves chasing them. I immediately started having kittens, because, as you know, ducks don’t run terribly well. It wasn’t until a split second later when the ducks took wing I thought, DUH!! Yeah, most birds CAN fly. I was definitely having a room temperature IQ day, that day – and it was spring. 🙂

  2. To my untrained eye, yep, they’re Aussie Wood Ducks. Thankfully they seem to fly to breakfast more than waddle, so they don’t run the gauntlet of traffic too often..

  3. Now there just has to be a scene for a book somewhere in that, Helene. Can’t quite see the plummage, Australian Wood Ducks?

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