When the road takes a different turning…

Magnificent Uluru

Magnificent Uluru

Sometimes the fork in the road is imposed rather than selected. In this case it’s Mother Nature doing the imposing…

Yesterday we were due to fly to Singapore then on to Manchester in the UK. Instead, we turned left out of Cairns and headed to Ayers Rock and Perth. I couldn’t help but compare the vast red centre of Australia with the ice covered world surrounding that Volcano in Iceland… Hard to believe an eruption so far away could create such havoc.

Last time I saw Uluru I was flying a Piper Warrior in convoy with two other aircraft. Garth Heap and I had taken a group of trainee pilots on a mission to complete their commercial licences. That’s got to be over thirteen years ago!! From the air at least it hadn’t changed. As we left I realised I was headed into new territory. I was finally going to see the other half of my country!

So here we are in Perth – the Red Bull Air Race will be carving up the air over the Swan and we’ll be out there getting sunburnt with the rest of Perth today.

Last night’s sunset was gorgeous!

Sky in Perth

Sunset over the Red Bull spectator fleet

View from the Perth Wheel

View from the Perth Wheel


5 thoughts on “When the road takes a different turning…

  1. Fiona, Red Bull was amazing! Photos will be posted soon.

    Sandy, would love to take pylon racing up as a hobby, but I suspect my reflexes wouldn’t be quite up to the task…

    Thanks, Nadia. Very disappointed we won’t be catching up with everyone in the UK, and my sister and her family in France!! We had champagne lined up for celebrations from Manchester to London to Peryiac de Mer… sigh…

    Phillipa, looks like exploring WA is on the agenda for the next three weeks. Will keep our fingers crossed for flights opening up. If we get to eat and drink our way round Margaret River, wander around Albany and maybe sneak a trip to Broome then at least we will have explored more of wonderful Australia.

  2. Not stranded are you? The photos of Perth look fantastic but I’d hate to think that’s as far as you got on your trip to Europe. I’ll have fingers crossed that the airports open soon. Personally I couldn’t bear such a delay, I’d probably have a tantrum and have to be put to bed, but I’m sure you’re facing it with with a much sunnier outlook.

  3. your eyes have LIGHT you definitely knows the heavens ways.

    send us your book I would also love to read the
    stories that your father sent you far away from Antartica and your mums preaching, perhaps you could e them

    and you thought you could not be in Manchester,
    well I caught sight of you here in Baker Street… and Mea made rice pudding for breakfeast
    last night I heard Laurie Anderson at the barbican and today we have lion cage walkabouts in the gallery all day, we will pray for you and that all your flights and words be fun, one day I’d love to fly Australia next to you.
    You are a great inspiring woman.

    Love to Graham

  4. Oh Helene, you lucky duck, the Red Bull!!! Think you’ll have a new hobby by the time you get home? I know my HD would jump at the chance. Hope you don’t have a crick in the neck by the time you read this. 🙂

  5. Great shots Helene, have fun in Perth! Wish i was heading up there, we could have caught up. Are you just across for the weekend? Enjoy the Red Bull races…we’ll be waiting for more great shots.

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