Blondes have more funds?

According to Vivien Cuttle not only do blondes have more fun, but they also take home the loot as well! Her article for ABC news at highlights the roots of the matter.

Researchers at QUT sampled 13,000 women and deduced that the only thing separating the ‘haves’ from the ‘wannebes’ was the colour of their locks. I’m ecstatic! My latest hairdresser has taken me back thirty years to the shade of blond I was when I spent five days a week in a swimming pool following the black line and the kicking feet in front of me.

Armed with the new found confidence this research has given me (not to mention a great haircut), I’m thinking of asking for a raise – and then heading off on holidays so I won’t see my boss laughing hysterically at my grounds for the claim…

The report doesn’t stipulate whether you need to have been born blond or simply have chosen that colour at a later date, so there is hope for any one out there languishing with their bank balance lower than they’d like.

Of course, you’d be wise to consider that 78 out of the the top 100 billionaires are married to brunettes or raven haired women… The devil’s always in the detail…

All depends on your aspirations or should that be colourations…


4 thoughts on “Blondes have more funds?

  1. LOL, Jen!

    Or if you’re a certain golfer, you bonk anything that sits still long enough, despite having a 24 carat blonde sitting at home. Of course in that case the blond potentially walks away with a stack of cash!! Does that, for survey purposes, count as earning more by being a blonde??

    I’m confused and my pay rise is not forthcoming… sigh…
    I’m going on holidays anyway…

  2. Hi Sandy, I think strawberry is fine. I could only be described as mouse brown without the brilliance of my hairdresser and I’m going to stand up proudly as a blonde!

    Still waiting to see my earnings increase though….

  3. I reckon I could make more money as a blond; I could either hire myself out as a ghost or people would pay me to stay away from them! Hey, I’m a strawberry blond, does that count, do you think?

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