0-100 in how many seconds?

Over the last few months I’ve spent more time in hire cars than I have in my own vehicle. Normally that means I’m in a pocket-rocket that does 0- 100 in my imagination… I’m the one in the little Getz going round a corner with the windscreen wipers on instead of the indicator. Or I’m in a little ‘Noddy’ car that fits two adults and an overnight bag – no room for the overcoat.

Last weekend, business was brisk in Brissie so I had to take what I was given. I should have realised there was something odd about the car when the girl leant across the counter and, in a husky voice whispered, ‘It’s the silver SV6 Β on bay 8.’


I smiled politely wondering if I’d made a mistake on my booking and was about to be driving a removalist van. No such luck. Parked proudly in Bay 8, silver paint shimmering in competition with the shiny chrome wheels, was a ‘muscle’ car. Its nose dipped low to the ground, colour-matched skirting flared round the doors like aerodynamic wings. Tinted windows screamed ‘look at me.’ Β The spoiler (or do they call that thing a damper?) completed the image of a bank heist getaway car.

I must have stood still too long, looking dumbfounded, because the nice man doing the checks asked if everything was alright.

‘Yep,’ I replied. ‘I guess I’m about to find out what it’s like to go from 0-100 in 10 seconds.’

He snorted as he walked away. ‘More like 6 and look out for the revheads at lights.’

Four hours later I brought it back with a smile a mile wide. I’d had more fun than I believed possible getting to 60 k/hm from a standing start. Who knew I’d enjoy leaving the boys in the hotted up Lancers in my shiny dust πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “0-100 in how many seconds?

  1. Ahhhh! I was a wine to the wind and not thinking clearly…

    Mind you, I reckoned I generated more ‘g’s in that car than I do in a Dash πŸ™‚

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