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Mum and Me!

My elderly mum (she’s 88!) is visiting from Brisbane. She was unwell at the start of the year and couldn’t be in Cairns for the launch of Border Watch. I missed having her there as she and Dad were so integral in developing my love of books and writing.

Today we had coffee at Glaskins Gallery. She met Garry Glaskin who, as always, was busy hanging artwork. Karen made us a lovely coffee and cake, and we soaked up the ambience.

Mum probably won’t make it north for the release of my next book either so it was special for me to be able share the afternoon with her.

Christopher's paintings

Garry Glaskin and Christopher

Garry and Christopher rearranging the latest arrivals


4 thoughts on “Family

  1. Hi Mum, you little whipper-snapper you. Glad to see you up and about. Also glad to see you ditched that wig Helene. 🙂

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