Shattered Sky

It’s official!! You may have thought yesterday’s rather lengthy announcement of the new government of Australia was the most important thing to hit the headlines. Well, as the saying goes, have I got news for you!

The name for my new novel has been released. SHATTERED SKY. It won by a full length (without the promise of any sort of cabinet position required) from some other fabulous suggestions.  I love it! I think it sums up the frantic pace of Lauren’s story while still  alluding to the wonderful environment where much of the action takes place.

Other exciting news is that the release date has been brought forward. SHATTERED SKY will hit the stands in February 2011. (I think that calls for another party, so pencil Friday 4th February 2011 into your social diary!!)

I had a lovely afternoon with the Hachette team in Sydney yesterday and was given a sneak preview of the advance review copies.  The cover for this one is gorgeous and I’d be happy to have that as the one for release!

And that’s all from me today – I think enough words were overexercised yesterday afternoon at that press conference… Do you think any of them remembered their request that Question Time answers be limited to four minutes?? 😀


8 thoughts on “Shattered Sky

  1. Except the Speaker is supposed to remain silet except when required to enforce House Rules. The one that worries me is the 20 year old kid. H3e looks so young you wonder if mummy knows he’s out

  2. Aztec lady would indeed whip him into shape, Sandy.

    Cathy, too funny! Perhaps he mistakenly thought he was being paid by the word or maybe he thought he was still auditioning for the role of Speaker of the House’?

  3. Thanks Margaret. I had no idea how much angst goes into title selection!

    Hi Sonya, I have several friends with February birthdays and they are all lovely so it must be an auspicious month!

    I couldn’t help thinking, as I was listening to all those speeches, that they needed a good editor who understood tension 🙂

  4. Ooh, great! It’s a birthday present for me (well, I’m on the 7th, but close enough!).

    I honestly think coming up with the title is the worst/hardest thing about writing a book!

    God that speech went forever yesterday. The stupid thing was, he’d made it obvious who he’d sided with – and yet he was drawing it out like he thought we’d get really excited.

  5. Wonderful news Helene and a great name. Really sticks in the mind. A title for a novel is such a special thing, encompassing so much of the story in a couple of words. Can’t wait for February! Congratulations:)

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