10 thoughts on “Cunning Camouflage

  1. Horrendous day for SE Qld. Glad you’re ok Sandy. It’s a mess from the air. I still remember the ’74 floods and that took years for Brisbane to recover from. My mum is well above the flood level so that’s one blessing. I’m due to fly out tomorrow… Hard time for so many.

  2. Sandy, the rain in Bris is still coming down in torrents! I feel like I’m at home… Hope your garden’s holding up. I feel for the people who lost so much yesterday in the flash flooding on the Downs…

  3. Cathy, you’re hysterical! 🙂
    Helene, I’ve seen stick insects that big once before – down at Mission Beach (from your perspective) so it must be a northern thing. Scared the hel – er heck out of me!
    The only thing large we’ve been getting is milimetres per day. We’ve even given up on emptying the rain gauge.

  4. Just as well, I beleive on of ours landed at Tullmarine and Virgin Blue pumped 1000 liters of Jet A into it before they realised it wasn’t a 737 🙂

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