Lessons I have learned already in 2011…

Lesson One of 2011

When the email says there’s a critical update that needs installing in my WordPress Blog I will in future pour myself a glass of wine and ignore it.

Lesson Two of 2011

When the computer says there’s a critical update for my airport-express hub I will pour another glass of wine and then ignore it.

Lesson Three of 2011

When I send out an email invitation to Shattered Sky book launch parties I will check that microsoft software will actually open something sent from an up-to-date Macbook Air. Once I’ve done that I’ll probably need another glass of wine 🙂

Day four of the new decade and already I’m feeling technologically challenged… sigh… Back to flying aircraft – they are soooo much easier to understand!


13 thoughts on “Lessons I have learned already in 2011…

  1. Lol, Suzanne. I don’t admit it too often, but I’m the kind of wine connoisseur who goes to sleep in the corner after two glasses so three would give me a dreadful hangover… I’m sure I was young and silly once…

  2. Sandy, I may need a little break before I can tackle an aircraft 🙂 And yes, the photos did change sides and well done you for noticing. My techs didn’t think it looked any different but I quite like it so was happy to leave it that way!
    Bron’s back in France so I’m sure we’ll hear from her again soon.

  3. Helene, are sure you’re going to be able to fly after all those glasses of wine? :/

    Hope you’re feeling better Bron.

    I see you’ve opted for a change and the pictures are now on the left hand side, Helene.

  4. I f you fly into Rockhampton, may I reccomend you fly a Grumman Widgeon. As for the site, next time check the QRH 😉

  5. Bron, welcome back! Wonderful to hear you’re safely home and busy updating computers – which means you must be progressing with your next book as well!

    I received a lovely email over Christmas from someone who’d read Border Watch on your recommendation so thank you for your support 🙂

  6. Yeah stick with flying Helene- technology elsewhere is highly overrated!!!!! I always ignore updates- but that’s only because I have no idea what to do about them!
    But hey, these are lessons you’ve learnt from-that’s gotta be a good thing right?! 🙂 It can only get bigger and better from here 🙂

  7. I updated WordPress the other day, too, and then found I couldn’t log in… but after googling the error message I discovered that the new version needed PhP5 and my hosting service was at that stage set for PhP4. Fortunately it only took me about five minutes to fix – but it was frustrating to have to!

    On a more cheerful topic – I’m SO looking forward to your new book coming out 🙂 Can’t wait!!

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