5 thoughts on “After the rain

  1. I’m not sure Sandy. I don’t think it’s a drongo because we have those too. Just about to head out before the next rain period comes through, wade through my grass and attempt to take a couple of inches off it… It’s a swamp…

    What a good idea about catching up in Melbourne! Happy to be there if you ladies are keen 🙂

  2. Hey Helene,

    Is that a drongo of some sort? We used to get spangled drongos, but they are all black with a fluted tail.

    The lawn doesn’t look like it’s doing too bad either!

    Hey Cathy, how’s things? Helene and I will be down in Melbourne in August for the Romance Writers Australia conference. It’d be great if we could catch up. Of course finding time on both sides could be a challenge. 🙂

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