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Claudia's Big BreakLisa Heidke very kindly agreed to tee up an interview with Claudia whose story she told in Claudia’s Big Break. I was a little nervous as Claudia seems to me to be the consummate party girl and I’m always a little in awe of women like her… But she was lovely, so here’s what we talked about. Please welcome Claudia.

Let’s start with the Vital Statistics, Claudia.

What’s your star sign?

Gemini – June 9. I manage to keep my wicked twin under control most of the time but occasionally she escapes and I often don’t realise until it’s too late.

Oh I know that feeling. I’ve got an evil twin as well…

Your favourite music (and it can be karaoke…)?

It used to be Mustang Sally but now, I can’t listen to that song without remembering what happened at the Goondiwindi B&S. (You’ll have to read the book to get the full story.) My favourite song at the moment is Happiness by Alexis Jordan because I am in love err, lust.

Funny how music can be so tied up in a moment!

What’s your favourite movie?

Hmm, because I am a romantic at heart, I’ll say Notting Hill and My Best Friend’s Wedding.

My husband watched Notting Hill five times in a row on our last flight to the UK… I can never look at the movie in quite the same way…

Your favourite drink?

Definitely not Retsina! While I was in Greece I became partial to a Santorini Sling which is a heady mix of vodka, tequila, lime, raspberries and soda…though it doesn’t taste the same back home in Bris-Vegas!

Ok here comes the more difficult questions. Red Hill is a fabulous old suburb. What do you love about living where you do in Brisbane?

I’m still living in Tara’s house at Red Hill and it’s great. Everything is nearby…the city, parks, shopping and my favourite deli and cafe! Am hoping Tara never asks me to leave because I tend to think of the home as mine.

Are you a dyed in the wool Queenslander? If the answer’s yes what makes Queensland special?

Yes! I was born at the Mater, went to Loreto and then Queensland Uni. Brisbane feels like a big country town. It has a relaxed vibe. I can’t see me ever leaving. Plus, Noosa is only an hour and a half away.

Oh yes! The sunshine coast and Noosa – divine!!

You obviously love exotic holidays. Does one stand out from the rest and why?

Definitely Santorini! Why? You’ll have to read the book!

Did you go through any angst when you turned thirty or is turning forty more daunting?

Probably forty because I’m ten years older! When I turned thirty, I kept thinking that time was on my side. I didn’t have to act responsibly or always be sensible. As a forty year old, my wicked twin, who also has the morals of an alley cat, can’t continue to get away with as many of the shenanigans she’s been up to in her twenties and thirties.

The only good thing about turning forty, is that I finally have my hair (and Tara!) under control.

What do you value most in a friendship?

I value honesty, loyalty and trustworthiness. Although, sometimes my friends can be too honest and forthright. Still, I guess I needed a good talking to in Santorini and both Tara and Sophie were able to do the job because we have been besties forever and they know me as well as I know myself.

Besties are vital for women, aren’t they? They know what we really mean even if we don’t ourselves.

If you could have any career in the world what would it be and why?

Hmm, I’m still finding my way with that one! I loved the job I had at Riesling Renaissance organising food and wine events – except for the time when a celebrity chef who, absolutely plastered, attempted a live cooking demonstration and his hand got caught in the electric mixer. I’m not fond of blood!

Clearly your holiday in Santorini was life-changing (and the readers will need to read your book to find out how). What do you hope to achieve with the rest of your life?

Helene, I’d like to find true love! Even though I am independent and having a satisfying career is important to me, the idea of meeting someone and falling in love is on my mind. As I said earlier, I am in lust at the moment, so we’ll see where that goes.

As readers would know, I’ve had several disastrous relationships but I haven’t closed the door on marriage and children. If only I hadn’t left my tarot cards in Santorini – I might know the answers to several questions I’ve been asking myself!

I have also started back at the gym, one day a week, and would like to keep that up but its Winter and snuggling under the doona is far more appealing!

Lol, getting out of bed if there’s someone warm under that doona to cuddle is very hard to do indeed! Thanks so much for chatting to me today, Claudia (and Lisa)!

Other books by Lisa Heidke are ‘What Kate Did Next’ and ‘Lucy Springer Gets Even’.

She’s published by Allen and Unwin and you can find her at

Lucy Springer Gets Even
What Kate Did Next


17 thoughts on “Claudia takes a break to chat

  1. Hi Rachael, Thank you for your support – It’s so nice. Also congratulations on selling your story to Carina Press!
    Sonya, I really hope you enjoy Claudia’s story! Cheers, Lisa xx

  2. Maggie and I visited the Lake District in the 90’s remember the RAF using it for low flying training for would be Topguns out of RAF Valley, and the 617 SQN lads out of Coningsby? Jaguars and Tornados at zero feet are bloody noisy

  3. Sonya, that would have driven me nuts as well. I lived in the Lake District and was amazed by how many tourists came looking for Beatrix Potter’s world!

    I’m sure you’ll enjoy Claudia’s Big Break!

  4. I used to live about one street from ‘the Notting Hill Front Door’. Every few days some lost (usually American) tourists would stop me in the street, asking for directions to the thing. I think it was about enough to make me hate the movie!

    Santorini is wonderful – especially at the end of the day, away from the cruise ship crowds! I just picked up a copy of Claudia’s Big Break a few days ago. I’m looking forward to reading it!

  5. Hi Rachael, thanks for dropping by to chat with Claudia! And congrats on selling your story to Carina Press!!! You must be very excited – a well deserved contract 🙂

  6. Hi Helene,
    All going well in publishing land, Stella will hit the bookshops January 2012. Having said that, I’ve only just handed manuscript in – there’s the structural and copy edits to get through…then printing. So we’ll see! But love Stella and can’t wait until she finally has a voice along side Lucy, Kate and Claudia!

  7. Thanks for the great comments. Claudia was enormous fun to write. It was hard saying goodbye when the time came but I’m having fun with Stella, a new character – who may or may not have a wicked twin lurking nearby.

  8. Sandy, Love Actually is my favourite Christmas movie!! Love it!

    Evil Twins are fine when you need a ‘bad cop’ routine otherwise they should be kept firmly on an a leash…

  9. Hi Claudia, Helene and Lisa!

    The first time I watched Notting Hill it was like, yeah, OK, it wasn’t bad. But something drew me back and by the third watch it’s one of my faves along with Love Actually.

    Ah, the evil twin, I’ve got to tell you it’s not just Gemini’s who have those. Though I imagine Gemini’s are worse than others (especially Librans) 🙂

    Hope you find true love, Claudia – and with any luck some other woman will have already moulded him into something, er sorry someONE worth keeping. 🙂

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