Ruehl’s way

Sometimes it’s the writers who use the fewest words who say the most.  Their carefully chosen arrows strike home. Their sharp wit and insight cut to the bone.

Every Tuesday morning Peter Ruehl, in his column in the Financial Review, demonstrated that skill, that gift. He passed away on the weekend and I, like so many other devoted readers, will miss his humour.

Thanks for the laughs, not to mention your wry view of life in Australia, Peter.

Bet even the politicians miss you…


4 thoughts on “Ruehl’s way

  1. You’re so right, Amanda. I was reading the story in the Aus about Peter, and a colleague several rows in front came back down the aisle to show me the tribute story in the Fin. I had no idea he too was a devoted fan. Then the lady sitting next to me commented on how much she enjoyed his column too. It made me ponder how many people are touched by a journalist/columnists words.

    As writer of novels I might sell 6000 books and they might be passed around a couple of times. For a journalist their words may well be read by hundreds of thousands.

  2. What a loss… isn’t it interesting that people we have probably never spoken a word to in person, feature daily in our routine, and people brighten up those few moments whilst reading a columnn with a chuckle and a laugh, but also give us something to ponder through the day – without slapping us with it like a wet fish in the moosh…

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