Heading west

If I don’t feel like a walk on the beach in the morning there’re always the hills and the paddocks. A large mob of roos call this field home and the horses who share it with them are amiable sorts.

I love the way the cloud pours down the sides of the mountains at this time of year pushed by the cooler air from the Tablelands. It makes me think of fine damask tablecloths and sparkling crystal wine glasses.

Kewarra Beach

Helene Young


6 thoughts on “Heading west

  1. This time of year is gorgeous, Cathy. The humid drops to below fifty percent, the mornings are crisp and the nights cool. But in summer?? Very, very humid – it sits about eighty percent regularly…

    The hills do remind me of NZ although I’ve only visited the eastern side of the South Island.

  2. Sandy, they wouldn’t let me get as close as I wanted to… It’s such a big mob that if they get spooked it sends them off in all directions and the main road isn’t far away.

    I can totally understand your sci-fi muse liking the dripping cloud:-)

  3. Nice, just how humid is Cairns, anyway. Parts of the scenery remind me a lot of Picton, NZ where I grew up ( I was actually born in Greymouth)

  4. The wobblies let you get close, Helene and everything looks nice and green.

    The cloud does look lovely breaching over the mountains. Makes me think something’s comin’. Oops, there goes the sci-fi/paranormal muse 🙂

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