First Wednesday Book Club

I laughed so much last night my stomach still aches this morning. Who knew a book club meeting could be so entertaining? What a wonderful way to discuss books and writing plus anything vaguely connected to that, which means everything was fair game 🙂

The catering was wonderful, the company entertaining and I’ve come away with a list of new books for my already precariously balanced ‘to be read’ pile. What more could I ask for!

Thanks, ladies!

From left to right – Judy, Kim, Bev, Christine, Cathy and Helen


7 thoughts on “First Wednesday Book Club

  1. Rachael, this was my first invite to this group and they were very welcoming! And very, very funny 🙂 Hope you have a pair of lovely wooly socks to keep your toes warm!

  2. I love my bookclub, although we’ve only read two books thus far. It’s new!! I agree re the summer clothes. I can barely stand getting dressed in the morning at the moment, it’s sooooooooooooo cold here!

  3. Lol, Margareta, we were discussing the fact that Cathy is heading south and that if she joined the discussion on Skype next month she’d be dressed in her winter woollies and we’d be wearing not much more than bikinis!

  4. Aren’t bookclub’s wonderful! We have the same down here. Lots of laughs, lovely food and the most delicious of all – fabulous books. Although, I’ll have to say, I envy your ‘summer’ clothes. We had to unwind from coats, scarves & beanies the other night!

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