Happy 1st Birthday Aus Lit!

A couple of weeks ago I had a fascinating chat with Steve Rossiter, the man behind The Australian Literature Review. He was in Cairns scoping out the writing scene up here.  After our chat he headed south to Mackay to launch the latest Aus Lit Anthology – Basics of Life.

I was surprised how young Steve was (shame on me for making assumptions) as his on-line presence is so well established. The Aus Lit website has grown swiftly in its first year hosting interesting interviews and diverse reviews along with short story contests. Steve has also successfully launched two anthologies, set up writing groups in Sydney and Northern NSW, and inspired countless more writers to get typing.

Many Aussies finish uni and then head overseas to backpack around Europe (as I did in the ’80s) or Asia or America. Steve’s taken a  different journey and is currently working his way around Australia (complete with backpack) attending festivals, writing groups and one-on-one chats with writers. It sounds like a writer’s dream to me!

His enthusiasm is infectious and we chatted for well over an hour. I should have been home writing, but it was too interesting to leave! Who wouldn’t be swept up in a young writer’s vision of connecting established authors with new and emerging writers? This week is Birthday Week for Aus Lit (it’s a Gemini!) so drop by the site and check it out at http://auslit.net

And don’t forget to wish Steve and Aus Lit Happy First Birthday 🙂


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