18 thoughts on “Australian Colours

  1. That’s it, Cathy! The shortest strip on the network!

    The RA licence certainly makes aviation more affordable but if our dream plan works out we’ll be sailing a catamaran around Australia and will be ‘of no fixed abode’!!

  2. Helene, when you eventually stop flying, do your RA Licence and buy a little plane. You can pick up a good low time second hand Jabiru for around $40,000 or less Via RA Aus. You only need to be fit enought to hold a car licence, and thenold 12 houtr rule (actually 8 hours) applies 🙂

  3. Glad you like them, Eleni. I will miss the view out the pointy end when I eventually stop flying. It always takes my breath away when I come back from holidays 🙂

  4. Thanks Cathy, it’s good! Flap 35 and it pulls up nicely on Horn which is the shortest strip in our network. I don’t have the plates with me but it’s just under 1400 mtrs I think??

  5. I have taken a shot in FSX from the same spot which I will send you, with your OK, I will foward your shot to ORBX so they can correct the shape of the dam a little in their next revision. I used the De Havilland Dash-7, better short field capability

  6. Levitating would be fun, Sandy, but I think I prefer having something around me… Some of those bugs that coat the windscreen are pretty big!

    Cathy, it’s a tailings damn from the bauxite mine so neither the colour nor the shape are natural!!

  7. Assuming you weren’t actually flying the Weipa approach? Really looking forward to seeing the colours for ourselves next week.

  8. Helene, that shot on finals to Weipa, what is that lake in the foreground, a dam,? it is not natural with that sqaure shape!

  9. Niiicce, Helene. Don’t you wish we could just fly ourselves, without the benefit of technology?

    I’ve always wanted to be able to levitate. Though being afraid of heights I reckon about twenty feet would be my absolute limit! 🙂

    Even when dreaming I’m levitating I get a panic attack if I go too high!

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