11 thoughts on “Silver Dawn

  1. Lol, you two!

    Dad always maintained dawn and dusk were no goes for swimming as well and I do refrain from throwing sticks into the water for Zeus until the sun’s up!

    Yep, the crocs do keep the sharks in line and I too wonder about the wisdom of paddling so early but maybe they think there’s safety in numbers. Good incentive to paddle really hard if you’re the back marker 🙂

  2. Hi, Cath! I think it’s something like if the sun is a finger width above the horizon. (Like holding your hand out at arms length)

    Mind you up there the crocs eat the sharks. 🙂

    Being the biggest coward of all time you wouldn’t get me in the water at that time of day. Maybe that’s these guys’ incentive for a good speed?

  3. And the only reason I was there, Sandy, was to collect the car from the Kewarra Beach resorts since GW had one too many wines the night before so we’d caught a taxi home! I usually see the skis go passed Trinity when I walk Zeus – different perspective seeing them heading out in the dawn!

    Thanks, Fleur 🙂

  4. Now that is a beautiful picture. I can almost hear the soft wash of waves on the beach. And those colours – Oh My!

    Hope there aren’t any crocs about!

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