Yungaburra Book Fair

The Yungaburra Book Fair

The annual Book Fair is once again being held in the historical village of Yungaburra on September 10th from  10am-4pm.

This year the theme is Books & Cooks’ A feast for book lovers looking for a good read, rare treasure or special find with 1000s of books for sale  from many of our  local booksellers.

It will be a smorgasboard of book people. You can meet and talk with the many and varied authors that live in this area. Listen  to speakers. Talk with members of writers groups and  historic societies.

Once you’ve had your fill of books enjoy good food from the eating houses of Yungaburra.

At 12 noon award winning Romance author Barbara Hannay will join Elizabeth Martin and myself to talk books, food and romance! Local author Mandy Magro will be around for a chat, along with member of the Tropical Writers.

Writers & Readers dinner will be held on Friday 9th. For further details email or phone

Sarah: Ph 0740951018


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