Promises to be won!!

Thanks to Ali Watts from Penguin I have a copy of PROMISES to giveaway!

To be in the running you need to either leave the answer as a comment or send me an email via the contact form.

And the question is??

Drum roll, please!!

Cathryn’s first horse was called? The answer can be found in  my interview with her on Monday.

AND – because this book is worth more than one question – What was the name of your first pet? Mine was a stray puppy called Nipper, because that’s what he did 🙂

UPDATE : The contest will close midnight Monday 12th September and the winner will be announced Tuesday evening (when I finish flying for the day!)


41 thoughts on “Promises to be won!!

  1. Congratulations, Jenn. I hope you enjoy Promises. Don’t get a sore nose from all those tissues!

    Thanks to everyone for playing and sharing all your pet names, and for Helene for having me. Great fun!

  2. Ahem!!!

    Drum roll please.

    The names have been placed in the hat and the lucky winner of Cathryn Hein’s debut novel PROMISES is none other than the wonderful Jenn McLeod 🙂

    Seems the magic hat has smiled on you, Jenn! Email me your postal details through the contact form and I’ll dispatch the book just as soon as I’m home in Cairns!

    Thanks everyone for being part of a fun week and sharing all those wonderful names.


  3. Sounds like a very apt name, Michelle!

    Chris, Snoopy was always my favourite cartoon hound so very appropriate for a daschund!

    Thanks to everyone for entering and to Cathryn for being such a stellar guest.

    We’ll announce the winner tonight – just as soon as I make it to my hotel room in Brisbane!!

  4. Cathryn’s first horse was Mysty and my first pet was a short haired red daschund (sausage dog) named Snoopy. Yes, very original, but there you have it.

    Congratulations on your book release, Cathryn!

  5. Mysty lovely name for a Barbie Horse. Luckily I’ve had all different pets over the years. Childhood I always had a dog by my side Cosmo was my border Collie and he always liked to reteive the ball or stick, living by the famous Lake Wendouree people would always throw the stick or ball into the lake, with my Cosmo wether cold or hot would get it….ROBHAP

  6. And a big wave to Amanda! Wonderful to catch up with you again at the RWA conference.

    Love the bugger/buddy tone down but I have to say Vincent’s name is the best. Starry night. Sigh. Romantic and also makes me think of that Dr Who episode…

  7. Lol, Amanda, I love the way mothers tone down their husband’s language. Mad Max sounds perfect for a feral although I have this mental image of a feline with a blow torch attached to a gas tank flaming the neighbouring dogs – a bit like the cat in Shrek!

    And Vincent?? Purrfect 🙂

  8. Fleur, I loved that ad! I had to explain it to my husband when he eventually saw it – being English it just didn’t seem to have the same impact…

    I was sorry to hear that Rex had left for the great kennel… Good to hear you’ve got a new pup and love her name! The Boss has a sense of humour 🙂

  9. Love this post! I have the fabulous Cathryn’s book already… but had to wade in on the names… had a cat called Barney, a dog called cesar and a budgie called buddy – (my father taught him/called him ‘the bloody bugger,’ but I was young and so my mum told me my dad was saying ‘buddy!’ – As an adult had a cat called mad max (he was actually ferral we realised in the end… and VERY scary… and now we have Vincent, as we found him on a starry starry night..

  10. These answers are fab!

    Rachel, you had a Barbie horse called Mysty? Great young minds think alike, hey? You must have been a terrible romantic like me!

    Love your logic, Sonya. And guinea pigs are so cute. Our neighbour bred them but I was never allowed to have one. I think Mum and Dad thought the dogs would eat it. Or that weird cat.

    So sad about Rex, Fleur. I remember that advert. It was a favourite among the boys at ag college. Seemed like every one of them had a crush on the Antz Pants girl.

  11. I won’t enter the comp coz I’ve already got Cathryn’s book, but I have to tell you that our dearly departed dog Rex, was named after the Antz Pantz ad on TV where the model had a echidna walking up her leg. She says ‘Sick ’em, Rex’ and the boss always wanted to say that to his working dog!

    We’ve just got a new pup that the Boss has called Metre… She’s always runs about a metre short of where she should be!

  12. Yep, with you there, Jenn. I too had to cheer for the dogs in that movie!

    We have friends who have a green parrot called Brussel (as in sprouts), an eclectus parrot called Florence and a labradoodle called Mildred!

    And my favourite dog’s name was our last staffy, Baldrick – from Black Adder because he always had a cunning plan! Alas he was named when we adopted him so I can’t claim to be that clever…

  13. “But being a dog loving family poor Puss was always going to find it hard.”
    Cath – newsflash – with those pesky cats is…they’re so laid back they wouldn’t care less how hard it was LOL. I have to now admit to loving the film Cats & Dogs and…yes…cheering for the dogs LOL Jenn (also loving the names thing and pictuing Keziah’s cat, Cleo, as lounging seductively on a chaise in a centrefold!)

  14. Mysty.

    My first pet’s name was…..Sonya.
    I have the best imagination! I was five and terrified I’d forget the name if it wasn’t the same as mine.

  15. Okay, this is seriously cool fun. I’m loving all these pet names. Keep them coming!

    I’m glad to see some of the less inventive names get a run. Good to know we weren’t alone in calling our one (and only) cat Puss! But being a dog loving family poor Puss was always going to find it hard.

  16. Lol, Bec, the Paddle Pop lion was gorgeous so I think that’s entirely appropriate for an Aussie Terrier, although how does he feel about being re-christened???

  17. Jenn, ok, I’m laughing!! Love it! I’m fond of dogs in my stories as well! Having had limited experience with cats I’m not sure I’d capture their self-containment… Glad you enjoyed the interview!

  18. Ammie, Red is a good name for a cattle. Our’s was called Smokey – he was a blue.

    Gemm, Irish Setters are gorgeous! Red is tres versatile 🙂 We had one of those too – a stray that adopted us – and she was called Shona… something to do with being Irish?

  19. Mysty!
    I didn’t really get a pet of my own until i was an adult so Lion (a red aussie terrior – named after Paddle Pop Lion) is still with me and is coming up 13. However, his once proud name has changed thanks to the littlies. Princess 2 is convinced he is a she and calls her La-li cos it’s prettier.

  20. My father is blind, so he always put his foot down when it came to animals ‘don’t want to be tripping over the buggers’. So Mum got us birds. He couldn’t trip over them. My first pet was Snowy, an almost pure white budgie with pale blue breast,who loved to go for walks on the shoulder and nibble at jewellery.

  21. Mysty (with romantic spelling LOL)
    Okay just for something different (cause I rteally want to win hehehe) – here’s my first fictional pet name (in my current ms) Achilles – as in ‘heel, boy’ Get it! I loooooove making up animal names for my books. I have several creatures – great and small. (I have to have animals in them – they are my life and I reckon everyone should have at least one animal (and I’m talking fur or feather – not “hey, honey I’m home. Sorry I dropped into the pub for a few and got carried away” animals!!!)
    Lovely getting to know about you CH and Helene as usual – great interview.

  22. Cathryn’s first horse was called Mysty.

    My first pet was a corgi called King. He was the result of a bribe from my canine-phobic parents who promised (rashly, as it turned out) that if I placed in the Regional Music Competitions I could have a puppy. I worked my backside off and got–if I recall correctly–two firsts and a third. Needless to say my parents weren’t sure whether to be pleased with me or not. But I got the dog so I didn’t care!

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