These shoes are made for clogging

Ever heard of clogging?

Up until last Tuesday night I hadn’t either, but now not only is it in my vocabulary, but I’ve been clogging and loved it!

Who knew I had any rhythm in my feet at all. I was always the one going left in aerobics when the class was going right – ask Albertina… I’ve always envied people who crowded onto a dance floor and look like they belonged there.

I’m a teenager of the ’80s so discos caused me more than my fair share of angst. Flashdance and Jennifer Beals hit the big screen as I turned twenty, adding more torture due to my defective dancing gene.

But after last night? It seems I may have simply been trying the wrong style of dance.

Noisy boisterous clogging may just be for me.

Here’s a link to a flash crowd clogging in Newcastle in the UK. (Just ignore the advert at the start – BBC UK is not going to let us get away with watching their content for free…)

It seems clogging is being claimed by a few countries as their national dance. I’m not going to enter that debate however here’s the link to Wickipedia – clogging. You decide!

Meanwhile, if you thought you also have two left feet, give it a go! Clogging works for me 🙂

Australian clogging :


11 thoughts on “These shoes are made for clogging

  1. A clogging good spectacle from the BBC! But where on earth did all that UK sunshine come from in the advert at the beginning? Makes the UK looks as balmy as the Bahamas ….

  2. Sonya, a couple of the ladies at last night’s lesson had done ballet dancing as teenagers but were looking for something easier on their bodies and more social. They clearly enjoy it!

  3. I knew about clogging because of the ballet La Fille mal gardée.
    There’s the Clog Dance in it, and I had to learn it as a young ballet student – but that’s my one and only encounter with that style of dance!
    It’s definitely a more relaxing dance style than ballet is!

  4. Looks like tap dancing meets line dancing in steel caps!

    Did you get up on a drum? 🙂

    I bet you had a ball. I’m a disco girl myself – lucky enough to have rhythm in my bones. :))

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