Kaitlyn’s country

My new book, Burning Lies, is set largely on the Atherton Tablelands, to the west of Cairns.

The landscape is different to the coast – the light’s softer, the greens are more olive, the earth a richer red and the sky is a paler blue.

GW and I wandered around up there a couple of weeks ago. Here’s a glimpse to put you in the mood for Kaitlyn’s story.

Tolga pub complete with a couple of motorbikes!

Kait's hills

Colours of the land

Young kookaburra

World War 2 Army shed at Rocky Creek

Creek bed in need of rain


7 thoughts on “Kaitlyn’s country

  1. Love the pictures Helene. I’ve only been out that way once, and yes, it is vastly different from the coast.
    Looking forward to reading Burning Lies. Can’t wait actually. lol…

    Suzanne 🙂

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