Pardon my absence…

My blog’s a little quiet at the moment so I hope you’ll forgive me. I haven’t forgotten you, but I need to clone myself to get everything done in the next few weeks, including page edits for Burning Lies!

Meanwhile I’m being diverted by our search for the perfect catamaran so we can start the next adventure in our lives.

Here’s the front runner (or one just like her!)

Anyone want to join us for a sail?


18 thoughts on “Pardon my absence…

  1. Mined, you might want to read TITANIC SURVIVIOR The memoirs of Violet Jessup. Violet was a stewardess on the Titanic, and was serving as an Army6 nurse aboard Brittanic whne she sank

  2. Name change did not work for the White Star Line! Post the sinking of TITANIC, the third ship, GIGANTIC had ther name changed to BRITTANIC. She sank off Kea Island in 1915 while serving as a hospital ship in the Dardelles.

  3. Drug Runner to Gun Runner? What were they thinking!

    GW found a boat for sale in Mexico – very cheap – and I was planning to train Zeus to sniff for contraband just in case the previous owner had left any nasty surprises….

    And yes, Sandy, I’m converted to galley up and GW is still fence sitting, but we know who’ll win in the kitchen debate 🙂

  4. I know what you mean about the name change, Helene, but I’ve seen some names that make me think the boat would really appreciate a change and would always bring you home safely in return for ridding it of such a dreadful appellation.

    The one I saw recently was originally called ‘Drug Runner’ and someone had changed it to ‘Gun Runner’ – a minor improvement.

  5. Arrr… I love it!! He’ll look very smart in his life-jacket:-)

    As to the name? Don’t know yet and am refusing to think of one just in case we end up with a second hand boat. I’m superstitious enough not to rename a vessel….

  6. Sandy, I don’t think Zeus will mind provided his beanbag comes with us and the freezer is stocked with bones!

    Still looking at other boats. The one drawback with French built boats is the lack of ventilation – obvious really when you compare climates – so the Aussie boats have it all over them there. But the galley up? I’m a convert now so it’s making it hard to be objective with Seawinds and Lightwaves and their galley down lay out…

  7. Helene, are you going to call her “Black Pearl”, or “Queen Anne’s Revenge” 🙂 As for Zeus, I believe his comment wass…Arrrr

  8. Brenda, that’s the plan! I wrote quite a lot of Shattered Sky when we were down in the Whitsundays and I have no problem typing on a boat!

    The hardest part is convincing GW that I can’t come and play in the dinghy for hours on end… We’ve had this plan for fifteen years and have been chipping away at it so it will be great when it finally happens.

  9. Definitely need more solar panels, Cathy. This one has two but the recommendation is 4 to 5. I’m hoping to fly part time from the end of the year so we can do some exploring 🙂

  10. Very nice Helene!!! A lovely way to relax, and if you can get used to the rocking, you can write your next book (after Burning Lies) while on board ;D

  11. Very nice, maybe bung some solar panels on the roof though, free electricity to keep the gin cold! I take it you’ll be gtiving up flying, at least for a living?

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