Thank you, Stephanie!

A huge thank you to Stephanie, Doug and the vet nurse from Marlin Coast Veterinary Hospital at Trinity Beach who turned out at 7pm on Good Friday to dislodge a brisket bone from Zeus’s throat. You guys are wonderful!

And thanks to our understanding dinner guests (including my sister who headed back to France in the morning) who found themselves unceremoniously turfed out early so we could pick Zeus up and bring him home for the night. Happy to say Zeus is almost back to normal now although still feeling a little sorry for himself 🙂


13 thoughts on “Thank you, Stephanie!

  1. Sail down to Coffs…now there’s an idea! Don’t forget to stop in here on the way so KC can show Zeus all her favourite beach spots. 🙂

  2. Sandy, we’d love to visit Wagtail Cottage – maybe we can sail down to Coffs and that way Zeus won’t have far to travel from the boat 🙂

    And sending hugs back to KC!

  3. Dearest KC, a girl after my own heart. Smoked salmon, chicken fillets or ice-cream are my preferred choices. Strange how our humans think they are masters of their universe 🙂

    I’ll pass on your mum’s sympathies to G – he was quite beside himself. H seemed a little more concerned with feeding her guests but then she’s always been a little too practical for her own good… I know she means well but expecting me to sleep on the bean bag instead of the large double bed? Says it all really… sigh…

  4. KC forgot to send you love to Zeus for a speedy recovery, Helene.

    Shame Zeus doesn’t travel well. Wagtail Cottage is in such a lovely setting. Jenn and J are so lucky and lovely hosts. We stayed there on the way up from Canberra with Snoop’ and KC. 🙂

  5. Dear Zeus, When I’m not well, I give my Mummy and Daddy the big doe-eye treatment. It’s something we spaniels do very well. To get tablets down, Zeus and Skye, I’ve convinced my Mummy they must be wrapped in smoked salmon. Tee-hee!

    Hope your ‘fection clears up, Skye. 🙂

    Oh, and Auntie Helene, Mummy sends her sympathies to you and Uncle G for the fright Zeus put you through.

  6. Would love to come to Wagtail Cottage but Zeus doesn’t travel well so I may have to bring his regards to Strawberry and Daiquiri with me!

    Vets are the most wonderful people and I have one in my current WIP although she’s only a bit part really…. Must be scope for a hero or heroine 🙂

  7. You have your priorities right then!!!!!!
    Strawberry and Daiquiri reckon Zues has to bring you to Wagtail Cottage in Coffs one day. He would love it and we’d all love to see him in person….oh and his humans.
    Strawberry and Dac also have a super vet called Steph (only it’s a Stephan and they are rather smitten. Even their human – the author – has written Stephan into a novel LOL woof!

  8. Dearest Skye, great minds think alike!! I fooled them into feeding me that yummy stuff out of the can too! You and I should hook up some time, sounds like we’d have fun 🙂

    Dr Steph was sooo sweet and she came back in on Saturday morning so G and H could take me back for a check up. I was kind of glad they didn’t leave me in the cage overnight at the vets – it’s all little depressing despite the great decor… (Mind you it was a little embarrassing getting the bone stuck in the first place…)

    Hope your infection clears up. I had one of those when I was a youngest and I almost lost a tooth. Now I’m just getting a little long in the tooth 😀

    Regards to B and G

  9. Oh noes, Zeus! Didn’t you know you’re supposed to chew bones, not swallow them? Just as well Dr Stephanie could get it out for you, ‘cos you don’t want to get a ‘fection. I had to go and see Doctor Sarah yesterday ‘cos I’ve get a ‘fection in my mouth and it still hurts to chew my toys 🙁 Is Doctor Stephanie as nice as Doctor Sarah? Doctor Sarah stayed back on Easter Saturday morning to look after me. Hey, you should convince your humans that you need special food for your sore throat. I’ve convinced mine that it hurts to eat dry biscuits, so they’re giving me yummy mushy stuff instead. I wonder how long I can keep them fooled for?

  10. Thanks, Brenda. It was horrible seeing him get so distressed…. We were expecting a long night of surgery so very glad they managed to push it further in and remove the blockage.

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