11 thoughts on “I’m in the Cairns Post! And even Zeus approves.

  1. Suzanne, he’s quite used to be asked to pose these days as I use him in photos for my workshops. He has this look that clearly says ‘Not again, mum, what do you think I am? A show pony?’

  2. Good thing you taught him to read when he was a pup … Congratulations. Love the coverage – just wish that I could get a copy over here ..


  3. He is a dood, Sandy! Mandy is the front cover of the magazine and it’s a gorgeous photograph.

    And yes, the up galley is currently the front runner so we hope it stays that way!!

  4. He’s a dood boy that Zeus. Great coverage, Helene for you and Mandy. The more advertising the better! Well done. πŸ™‚ Hopefully the sales generated will buy the up galley!

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