Cairns Launch for Burning Lies

Ok, I may be biased, but what a fabulous evening! Thank you so much to everyone who turned out on such a windy night in Cairns to celebrate the launch of Burning Lies. It was always going to be an auspicious day for a launch. My 90 year old mum was with us this year and if my dad had still been alive it would have been his 100th birthday. Since they are jointly responsible for my love of stories it was great to have Mum being part of the occasion knowing Dad was looking over all of us!

A huge thank you to the lovely staff of the North Queensland Aero Club who did a great job of manning the bar and handing around the drinks – you’re wonderful 🙂

Thanks again to Collins Booksellers from Smithfield. Kerstin and Andrew are so supportive of authors and that is very much appreciated.

Thanks to Mike ‘Locco’ O’loughlin for MCing the evening and for interviewing me on his breakfast show on 4CA Cairns Radio. He goes way above and beyond in his support of locals – a true champion!

Garth was a stellar paparazzi, taking gorgeous photos of so many people. You can find all the photos on my facebook page – there wasn’t a bad one amongst them!

Lastly, a heart felt thanks to Graham who not only worked tirelessly at the BBQ to feed everyone, but has supported me every step of the way in this crazy writing journey. Without him in my corner none of my books would never have been written.


13 thoughts on “Cairns Launch for Burning Lies

  1. Glad your big night was so successful Helene! I saw the photos on FB, everyone looked like they were having a ball. Well done 🙂

  2. What a wonderful launch of your fab book – I do love Kait’s story!

    Is the next (forgottent the title!!) related or completely different?

    Hope you are basking in the glory of seeing you words in print, and look forward to seeing you sometime soon (somehow??!)


  3. Sandy, GW was outstanding – as usual – especially considering he started work at 5.30 am yesterday morning. He had about five hours sleep before he rolled out the door…

    Garth was fantastic. Should he ever give flying away he has the talent for photography.

    I did feel very blessed. The place was packed and it was a lovely reminder that a book is really written by a small village. Friday night a large part of my village was there celebrating with me 🙂

  4. Thanks, Noreen, it was lovely have Mum there. I would love to have joined you guys for dinner but she was ready for home! Sorry I’ll miss next weekend’s get together… It’s been a long time between writerly drinks…

  5. Go you good thing, Graham! A great backup team is essential for us writers. 🙂 Looks like you’ve got your hands full. 🙂

    It’s so great to see such local support from professionals in the industries, Helene. You must feel blessed.

    LOL, I never pictured Garth as a paparazzi!

  6. Lovely night Helene. So glad your Mum could be with you to celebrate. We had a great time and a lovely meal afterwards with our group members and their significant others.

  7. It was a fabulous night, Cath. So humbling when all those wonderful people keep turning up each year. They are gorgeous!

    Burning Lies certainly jumped out the door last night so long may that continue!!

  8. So glad to read and see that you had a great night. Everyone looks like they had a super party 🙂

    Now I hope Burning Lies jumps off bookshelves into people’s arms 🙂


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