Just hanging out

Apart from fighting off a cold that was doing its best to flatten me, and my webpage server having its own little unschedule break, I had a lovely weekend catching up with friends and even fitting in a couple of writerly things.

Saturday morning I went to Mossman and chatted with readers and librarians as well as enjoying the drive north from Cairns with GW.

In the afternoon I delved into new technology with the lovely ladies of ARRA – Australian Romance Reader Association – and participated in a Google Hang Out with Sharon Sherry. I was nervous – you can tell – but by the end of the Hang Out I was having far too much fun! The ARRA members had sent in the questions before hand and they were great!

It’s now live both on the ARRA site or directly on You Tube. I hope you enjoy the conversation and I look forward to Hanging Out some more!


2 thoughts on “Just hanging out

  1. Indeed! “Over’ would have solved all the problems. I’d got the hang of it towards the end but I talk over the top of Sharon a few too many times. I’ll keep practicing 🙂

    You and even people at Mossman wanted to know why Gavin died. I’m sure they didn’t entirely believe my explanation…

    And thank you, that was the name. Backdraft disappeared completely from my mind on Saturday and yet I’d spoken about it earlier in the day! Sadly the grey matter is not getting any sharper!

  2. How cool is that! The marvels of technology. You almost needed to employ radio speak and use ‘over’.

    I can imagine what the crashed SIM looked like from the outside. LOL.

    We love our characters and I haven’t forgiven you for killing off Gavin, not to mention Jack’s dog. Oh no, you’ve knocked off another one!

    Yeah, like you need an excuse to talk to a fireman. 🙂

    Backdraft is the name of the movie. I think.

    A dinner party to celebrate a goal, what a good idea!

    Have table and chairs: Will marry. 🙂

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