Mossman Magic

GW and I headed north to Mossman Library on a stunning winter’s day. I love driving with GW. It’s as though we’re in our own little untouchable bubble and I treasure the closeness of it. I also have a captive audience for mulling over the next story which is already clamouring to be heard 🙂

Judy and her wonderful library team, many of who came in on their day off, were very welcoming with a yummy morning tea. GW made himself right at home and found the perfect book for me, apparently? ‘The Idiot’s Guide to Publishing.’ It seems I should have read that a few years ago!!

Thanks to all the lovely people who came along to listen and chat with me. It’s extra special when people have read your books and are hanging out for the next one. Love it!

Bill Wilkie, a fellow writer who’s working on a book about the Daintree Blockade in the ’70s is also a librarian at Mossman and it was lovely to catch up with him and his colleague who writes Chick Lit. So much talent in the Far North!

I was also very touched to receive an unexpected gift – a lovely purse designed by local artist, Pamela Salt. Pamela also included a personal note about the significance of the design to the Yalanji people.

Thanks for a lovely morning, Mossman.


4 thoughts on “Mossman Magic

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Gillian. It was lovely to meet you!

    Netgalley is the site and this is the address -

    There are some guidelines about free use to ensure the readers supply some reviews etc so you will need to register.

    Enjoy 🙂

  2. Helene,
    Thank you so much for your lovely talk on Saturday – you are so inspiring! The time seemed to fly by, I could have have sat there for another hour listening to you. I am so glad that you enjoyed our little town, and got some time to wander through the markets. You did comment that there was a way to get free e-books to review – could you please send me that information again? thanks so much.

  3. Cath, they still seem to be growing! It’s the perfect spot for Saturday markets but I wish I’d captured the depth of the sky – it looks a little washed out yet it was that deep winter blue we get on a good day in July!

  4. Oh gosh, those trees in the main street of Mossman and the huge range… I went to Mossman many many years ago (1988-89) and I remember those. It’s a beautiful spot.

    Glad your talk went well. Thanks for the photos to take me down memory lane 🙂


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